Elderberry Syrup is here!

We've jumped through all the regulatory hoops and are finally able to make our syrup available to you.

Our syrup tastes like fresh berries and amazing honey ('cause that's what it is). No spices or flavorings have been added.

Did you know? Elderberries have 3 times the anti-oxidants of blueberries.

Get your anti-oxidants here

We are, each one of us, a force of nature.

Yet we are often disconnected from nature - spending too much time on electronics, indoors, inactive, and isolated. 

Especially these days.

Like many of you, we miss deep connections and a sense of belonging to a place and community. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. Any step we can take to live and eat in right relationship to nature brings us closer to balance. 

So we are building a farm that nurtures the land through good growing practices and nurtures our community through on-farm activities and healthy food. 

We've been growing fruits and veggies for 20 years.  For us, it's all about fresh, delicious and sustainable.  

Elderberry grows wild where we live.  You can see it springing up along creeks and rural roads all over Ohio.

It does not require artificial fertilizers or herbicides, just lots of compost. Growing it at scale does not damage our waterways and ecosystems.  It's good for the Earth.

We are joyfully planting elderberries and as many other native fruits and superfoods as we can on our little 20-acre corner of this planet. 


We also grow produce and plants

Mucky Boots Farm is more than elderberry. We are gardeners at heart and love to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables (all-naturally of course).

Right now we have Tomato, Pepper and Basil plants for folks local to us.

Later in the summer, we'll have garlic, tomatoes, peppers and basil too.

Click here for the complete list of varieties available now