People ask us a lot: "what do you do with elderberry syrup?" so we thought we'd put some ideas here for everyone to find. We make elderberry syrup by mixing fresh berries with honey.  It's not super sweet but sweet enough to make it go down easy. And then we drink it straight. ;)

Here are some other great uses. 

With Yoghurt: 
Scoop up a bowl of your favorite plain yoghurt.  We're partial to Chobani or Kroger's Simple Truth brand.  Then drizzle on a tablespoon of elderberry syrup and top with a little granola, cashew nuts or flax seeds.  

In Fizzy Water: 
This couldn't be easier.  Fizzy water + about 2 teaspoons of elderberry syrup.  Mix. It's incredibly beautiful and refreshing. 

As a Salad Dressing: 
Equal parts oil of your choice (we like avocado), apple cider vinegar and elderberry syrup.  Give it a good stir and dress your salads, pour on a grain bowl or use as a marinade for fish.  

We hear it's also really good in your martini or mixed with vodka but we haven't tried that yet.  Let us know if you do!

And lastly, if you can get your hands on fresh berries, here's a great recipe for Elderberry Jam:

  • 1.5 cups fresh elderberries 
  • 3/4 cup filtered water
  • 1.5 cups blueberry, grape, cherry or apple juice
  • 3 teaspoons pectin (we like Pomonas)
  • sweetener of choice, to taste.

Bring berries, water and juice to a boil. 
Remove one cup of mixture from the heat, add pectin and sweetener and stir until smooth.
Return to the pot and bring to a boil again. Reduce heat and stir for ten minutes until it starts to thicken up a bit (it will start to cling to the spoon). 
Remove from heat and pour into canning jars. Keep refrigerated. It will thicken up as it cools.